Public Finance (Central) Division OMs and Circulars

Office Memorandum No. Title Download Date
F.No. 42(02)/PF-II/2014Continuation of public funded ongoing schemes beyond 12th Five Year Plan: Instructions regardingDownload (1.18 MB) pdf27/09/2017
F.No. 66(01)/PF-II/2015Guidelines to preserve the All India Character of Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS)Download (850.34 KB) pdf31/08/2017
National Clean Energy & Environment Fund (NCEEF)Download (195.56 KB) pdf03/07/2017
Payment of Transaction Charges and Cash-out Incentives on Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) and PAHAL transactionsDownload (2.08 MB) pdf26/05/2017
Expansion in the scope of eligible projects/schemes for financing under the National Clean Energy and Environment Fund (NCEEF)Download (1.24 MB) pdf29/03/2017
Continuation of ongoing Schemes beyond 12th Five Year Plan : Instructions regardingDownload (530.07 KB) pdf27/03/2017
Delegation of powers for Appraisal and Approval of Public Funded Plan Schemes/ProjectsDownload (1.17 MB) pdf04/07/2017
Creation of posts under the Plan Scheme requiring approval of the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC)Download (158.64 KB) pdf04/07/2017
Revision in the EFC format to incorporate Unique ID numbers of beneficiariesDownload (110.8 KB) pdf04/07/2017
Revised RFP for Invitation of financial bids for PPP ProjectsDownload (14.41 MB) pdf04/07/2017
Model Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of Financial Consultants and Transaction AdvisersDownload (241.26 KB) pdf04/07/2017
Revision in EFC format to address disaster management concerns NewDownload (275.43 KB) pdf04/07/2017
Delegation of Powers for Appraisal and Approval of Projects / Schemes Download (317.52 KB) pdf04/07/2017
Guidelines for Formulation, Appraisal and Approval of Government funded plan schemes/projectsDownload (86.89 KB) PDF04/07/2017
Compendium of Important Circulars on Formulation, Appraisal and Approval of plan schemes and projects Download (201.73 KB) pdf04/07/2017
Guidelines for Formulation, Appraisal and Approval of Government funded Plan Schemes/Projects - Revised for Power and Coal ProjectsDownload (14.41 MB) pdf04/07/2017
Continuation of On-going Schemes from X to XI Plan: Instructions regarding.Download (60.01 KB) pdf04/07/2017