Appraisal and Approval

Office Memorandum No. Title Download Date
01(03)/PFC-I/2022Appraisal and Approval of Public Funded Schemes and Projects (except matters required to be placed before Cabinet Committee on Security)Download (7.39 MB) pdf28/04/2022
01(01)/PFC-I/2022Appraisal of Schemes-Centrally Sponsored Schemes(CSSs) and Central Sector Schemes(CSs) to be continued over the XVth FC Cycle(approved for continuation by the Cabinet till 30.09.2022 or such shorter period as may have been approved by the EFC)-GuidelinesDownload (12.56 MB) pdf08/04/2022
01(01)/PFC-I/2022Approval of Schemes-Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) and Central Sector Schemes (CSs) to be continued over the 15th Finance Commission Cycle-GuidelinesDownload (693.82 KB) pdf30/03/2022
1(05)/2016-EIIACommittee on Establishment Expenditure (CEE) (Hindi)Download (203.22 KB) pdf15/09/2016
1(05)/2016-EIIACommittee on Establishment Expenditure (CEE)Download (4.35 MB) pdf15/09/2016
1(05)/2016-EIIAFormat for submission of proposal for consideration of Committee on Establishment ExpenditureDownload (9.93 MB) pdf23/11/2016