Appraisal and Approval

Office Memorandum No. Title Download Date
66(59)/PFC-II/2018Third Party Evaluation for Autonomous BodiesDownload (228.54 KB) pdf13/02/2020
24(35)/PF-II/2012 dated 05.08.2016Appraisal and Approval of Public Funded Schemes and Projects (except matters required to be placed before the Cabinet Committee on Security)Download (899.5 KB) pdf24/07/2019
66(59)/PFC-II/2018-PtSample ToR of Central Sector SchemesDownload (2.56 MB) pdf22/05/2019
24(35)/PF-II/2012 (Pt.)Modifications to Department of Expenditure O.M. No. 24(35)/PF-II/2012 dated 05 August, 2016, so as to update the infrastructure project details in OCMS Portal of MoSPIDownload (1.35 MB) pdf15/05/2019