Office Memorandum No. Title Download Date
F. No. 3(12)/2021-EII(A)Non recovery of amount towards computers provided at the residence of JS level officers and aboveDownload (46.63 KB) pdf05/10/2021
19047/1/2018-E.IV Revision of pay of retired Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts on their appointment in Commissions/Committees of Enquiry.Download (931.36 KB) pdf12/09/2018
19051/03/2013-E.IVAdmissibility of Nursing Allowance during absence of more than 30 daysDownload (451.36 KB) pdf19/07/2018
No. 19(26)/E.Coord/2018Guidelines to be followed for holding of Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars, etc. (Domestic and International)Download (1.37 MB) pdf30/05/2018
Reimbursement in respect of Newspapers purchased/supplied to officers at their residence-guidelines regardingDownload (1.24 MB) pdf03/04/2018
No. 20(1)/E.Coord-2017Enhancing the ceiling on furnishings etc., to be provided in the office and office portion of the residence of MinistersDownload (27.6 KB) pdf03/08/2017
19047/10/2016-E-IVDelegation of powers to Ministries/ Departments for payment of sitting fee in respect of Non-officials of committees/ Panel/Boards etc.Download (809.23 KB) pdf12/04/2017
Assignment of Administrative Function to Financial Advisers and the officers working in IFDDownload (963.93 KB) pdf03/11/2011
Timely submission of ATNs on the recommendations/observations of PAC - recommendation of the PAC made in their 36th Report (15th Lok Sabha)Download (968.17 KB) pdf18/10/2011
Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations - Dress Allowance Download (57.85 KB) pdf02/08/2017