Staff Inspection Unit

The Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) was set up in 1964 with the objective of securing economy in the staffing of Government organizations consistent with administrative efficiency and evolving performance standards and work norms in Government offices and institutions wholly or substantially dependent on Government Grants. The Scientific and Technical Organizations are not within the purview of the SIU but a Committee constituted by the ‘Head’ of the respective Department, with a representative from SIU as ‘Core Member’, conducts a study of such organizations.
The Financial Advisers (FAs) are main links between the SIU in the D/o Expenditure and other Ministries / Departments/ Offices/ Organisations. All requests for staffing studies by the SIU are routed through the concerned FAs in the Departments. The ‘Study Reports’ are issued after ‘on the spot’ work measurement studies are conducted by the SIU Study Team after discussions with the senior officials of these organizations and finalization of the provisional assessment report of the SIU. The final report of the SIU is required to be implemented by the concerned Department within the stipulated period of 3 months as per the instructions in this regards.
The SIU conducts physical inspection/study of the various Central Government organizations, autonomous bodies working under the Ministries/Departments of Central Government on a request from the ‘Financial Adviser’ of the concerned Ministry/Department. The studies are taken up after inclusion in the Annual programme after following laid down procedures. During the previous Annual Programme i.e. 2018-19, SIU had conducted 07 studies of different organizations and issued ‘Final Reports’ to them which are given as under :
1) Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (SRFMT& TI), Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh.

2) Special Economic Zones under Department of Commerce.

3) Staffing Study of Land & Development Office under the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.

4) Work Measurement Study of Regional Offices of Directorate of Estates under the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.

5) Work Measurement Study of the National Institute of Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

6) Study of Local Audit Department (LAD), Chandigarh Administration under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

7) Staffing Study of the National Commission for Women under the Ministry of Women and Child Development. ( Final Report to be issued ).

The senior officials of SIU were nominated as ‘Çore Member’ in four committees constituted by the respective Departments for assessing the manpower requirement of Scientific and Technical organization namely (i) Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, New Delhi (ii) Department of Electronics & Information Technology, New Delhi. (iii) Department of Science & Technology (iv) Central Water Commission, New Delhi.

The list of officers presently handling the work of SIU is given as under :

Addl. Secretary (Pers.)
Tele: 23093283
Fax: 23092652

Deputy Secretary(SIU)
TeleFax :24617753

Deputy Secretary(SIU)
Tele: 24697551

Under Secretary(SIU)
Tele :24611032

Under Secretary(SIU)
Tele :24617705

Under Secretary(SIU)
Tele :24627920