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  • The Personnel and EstablishmentDivision works under the Joint Secretary (Personnel) and is responsible for administration of various financial rules and regulations like General Financial Rules (GFRs), Delegation of Financial Power Rules (DFPRs) etc. including those relating to personnel matters of Central Government Employees such as regulation of pay and allowances, policy matters on pension, and staffing of Government establishments by creation and upgradation of posts, as also cadre reviews.
  • The Division also deals with proposals seeking to alter service conditions and other benefits to Government employees with significant recurring financial implication. Broad instructions on Expenditure Management, including economy measures and measures for improving quality of expenditure are issued by the Personnel Division. This Division administers the General Financial Rules and the Delegation of Financial Powers Rules including issue of clarifications/ amendments thereto, and coordinates with Financial Advisors of all Ministries/ Departments of the Central Government. All legislative proposals with general financial implications are scrutinized in the Personnel Division. The Division also handles large value proposals of capital acquisition relating to Defence and other Security Agencies.
  • Service matters pertaining to the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS), Indian Audit and Accounts Service(IA&AS) and Indian Cost Accounts Service (ICoAS) are dealt with by this Division.
  • The Division handles the overall administration of the Department of Expenditure and also controls the cadre for all Central Secretariat Service(CSS)/ Central Secretariat Stenographer Service (CSSS)/ Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS) upto the level of Section Officers/ Private Secretaries in the Ministry of Finance, apart from coordinating Parliament work as well as Right to Information Act (RTI) matters for the Ministry of Finance as a whole.