Travelling Allowance and Related matters

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Sr. No. Office Memorandum No. Title Date Download
1 19030/1/2017-E.IV Admissibility to travel by Tejas Express Trains on Official Tour  (87.72 KB)
2 19030/1/2017-E.IV dated 16.06.2022 Travelling Allowance on transfer to/from North-Eastern Region, Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep Islands and Ladakh - in respect of Central Government employees  (63.31 KB)
3 19030/4/2020-E.IV Concessions to person re-employed in Central Government service – Payment of Travelling Allowance  (959.84 KB)
4 19030/1/2017-E.IV Admissibility of Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) on Retirement  (397.04 KB)
5 19030/1/2017-E.IV Time limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowance on Retirement  (403.27 KB)
6 19030/2/2020-E.IV dated 22.12.2020 Travelling Allowance Rules - production of receipts/vouchers for reimbursement of Travelling charges for travel within the city admissible under Daily Allowance on tour  (116.85 KB)
7 No. 19030/3/2014-E.IV dated 23.06.2020 Travelling Allowance rules - Submission of Boarding Pass alongwith TA bills.  (52.42 KB)
8 19030/1/2017-E.IV Time-limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowances  (1023.63 KB)
9 F.No. 19030/1/2017-E.IV Travelling Allowance Rules - Implementation of the Recommendations of the Seventh CPC  (473.74 KB)
10 - Admissibility for reimbursement for travel within the city  (68.13 KB)