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क्रमांक कार्यालय ज्ञापन क्रमांक शीर्षक तारीख डाउनलोड
1 09(20)/2023-E.II(A) General instructions for waiver of recovery of excess payment - English & Hindi  (172.98 KB)
2 - अधिकारिओ द्वारा अपने आवास पर खरीदे गए /आपूर्त अखबारो की प्रतिपूर्ति के संबंध मे दिशा -निर्देश  (83.85 KB)
3 F. No. 3(12)/2021-EII(A) Non recovery of amount towards computers provided at the residence of JS level officers and above  (46.63 KB)
4 - Lifting of the ban on purchase of new vehicles by Ministries/Departments  (61.52 KB)
5 - Posts have been identified for all categories of Persons with Disabilities  (182.07 KB)
6 19047/1/2018-E.IV Revision of pay of retired Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts on their appointment in Commissions/Committees of Enquiry.  (931.36 KB)
7 19051/03/2013-E.IV Admissibility of Nursing Allowance during absence of more than 30 days  (451.36 KB)
8 No. 19(26)/E.Coord/2018 Guidelines to be followed for holding of Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars, etc. (Domestic and International)  (1.37 MB)
9 - Reimbursement in respect of Newspapers purchased/supplied to officers at their residence-guidelines regarding  (1.24 MB)
10 - Rush of expenditure in the closing month of Financial Year 2017-18  (705.89 KB)