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Sr. No. Title Date Download
21 Relaxation for procurement of certain items through Global Tender Enquiry (GTE) - Medical Devices and Drugs reg.  (10.43 MB)
22 Seeking feedback from Stakeholders on Draft Manual for Procurement of Goods, 2nd Edition  (1.03 MB)
23 Vivad se Vishwas II (Contractual Disputes) Extension  (1.33 MB)
24 Quality-cum-Cost Based Selection (QCBS) Method in Procurement of Works and Non-Consultancy Services (NCS).  (9.72 MB)
25 Uploading/Sharing of Contract Award details on electronic Portals  (578.11 KB)
26 Participation of demerged entities in public procurement opportunities.  (73.6 KB)
27 Restrictions on procurement from bidders from a country or countries or class or countries on grounds of defence of India  (57.24 KB)
28 Vivad se Vishwas I (VsV I) Relief for MSMEs  (2.14 MB)
29 Minimum Floor price for minimum wage based Manpower Outsourcing Service  (213.65 KB)
30 Vivad Se Vishwas I - Relief for MSMES - Inclusion of Earning Contracts  (413.27 KB)