Establishment Coordination

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  • Policy on economy issues relating to provision of residential / office telephone, purchase of vehicles, holding of domestic and international conferences, entertainment, limit on expenditure on furnishing etc in the case of Minister's office in the secretariat and office at the residence.
  • Miscellaneous policy issues which are not specifically dealt with in any other division of Department of Expenditure.
  • Allocation of temporary / link / additional charge to FAs and Coordination in respect of FAs meetings with Secretary(E)/ FM.
  • Forwarding of important orders/instructions received from Cabinet Secretariat to heads of Division/ FAs.
  • Matters relating to ERC recommendations.
  • Examination of legislative proposals of various Ministries, involving general financial Implications/ DCN.
  • The work relating to coordination on issues relating to all the Departments of Ministry of Finance.
  • Submission of Reports to Cabinet Secretariat such as monthly report on decisions of Cabinet/ Cabinet Committees; quarterly reports on decisions of High Power Committees/ Commission; monthly D.O letter from Secretary (Expenditure) to Cabinet Secretary.
  • General coordination in DoE such as Annual Report etc.
  • Nomination of representatives of the MOF to autonomous bodies.
  • Deputation/Delegation abroad (Screening Committee proposals)
  • Matters relating to Public Accounts Committee.