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Right To Information (RTI) Act

The Right to Information Act will come into force w.e.f. 12th October, 2005.

Salient Features of the Right to Information Act, 2005

  • It provides a very definite day for its commencement i.e. 120 days from enactment.
  • It shall apply to Public Authorities.
  • All citizens shall have the right to information, subject to provisions of the Act.
  • The Public Information Officers/Assistant Public Information Officers will be responsible to deal with the requests for information and also to assist persons seeking information.
  • Fee will be payable by the applicant depending on the nature of information sought.
  • Certain categories of information have been exempted from disclosure under Section 8 and 9 of the Act.
  • Intelligence and security agencies specified in Schedule II to the Act have been exempted from the ambit of the Act, subject to certain conditions.
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