Staff Inspection Unit

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The Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) was set up in 1964 with the objectives of securing economy in the staffing of Government organizations consistent with administrative efficiency and evolving performance standards and work norms in Government offices and institutions wholly or substantially dependent on Government Grants. The Scientific and Technical Organizations are not covered within the purview of the SIU but a Committee constituted by the Head of the respective Department, with a representative from SIU as a Core Member, conducts study of such organization.

The Financial Advisors (FAs) are main links between the SIU in the Department of Expenditure and the other Ministries / Departments / Offices / Organizations. All requests for staffing studies by the SIU are routed through the concerned FAs in the Departments. The study reports are issued after ‘on the spot’ work measurement study are conducted by the SIU Study team which includes discussion with the senior officials of the organization and finalization of the provision as assessment report of the SIU. The final report of the SIU is required to be implemented by the concerned organization within the stipulated period of three months as per the instructions in this regard.