Establishment III A

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  • Matters relating to constitution of Central Pay Commission.
  • Policy matters on Pay related issue connected with Central Civil Service(Revised Pay) Rules.
  • Matters relating to PLB, Non-PLB (Ad-hoc) Bonus.
  • Matters relating to consolidated pay package in respect of Chairman/Members of regulatory Bodies.
  • Matters relating to compensatory overtime allowances for budget work.
  • Training Allowance to faculties engaged in training/teaching in the Training Institutes.
  • Coordination of matters relating to National Council (JCM) Department of Personnel and Training in so far as it concerns Department of Expenditure.
  • Policy issues on the following matters dealt with by other Ministries/Department: i) DACP/No-practicing Allowance. ii) UGC/AICTE pay scales and school teacher pay scales. iii) Flexible complementing scheme and merit promotion scheme. iv) FPA v) Grant of qualification pay or incentive on passing Department Examination/requiring higher qualification. vi) ACP/MACP.