Establishment IV

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  • Revision, codification and clarification on Travelling Allowance/Daily Allowance Rules/Conveyance Allowance.
  • Policy matter relating to Leave Travel Concession, Air Travel.
  • Proposal relating to various Allowances vig. Dress Allowance, Outfit Allowances to the employees of Ministry of External Affairs, Hospital Patient care Allowance, Nursing Allowance, PG Allowance, Book Allowance, Annual Allowance, Language allowance to the staff working in foreign post, Rummage Allowance to the custom staff.
  • Relaxation of Air Travel guidelines/ where air ticket is purchased from unauthorized agent.
  • Revision of salary and allowances of President/Vice-President/ Ministers/ Member of Parliament/ Governor of States/ Administrator/ lieutenant Governors of Union Terrorists/ Advisors to Governors.
  • Revision of salary, allowances and pension in r/o serving Judges of Supreme Court/ High Courts.
  • Honorarium/Sitting Fee to Chairman/Members (Non-official) in Commissions/committees/Borders/Panels etc.
  • Terms and Conditions of appointment of Retd. Judges/Retd. Govt. officials/ Non officials (Chairperson/Member) in Commissions/Committees/Boards/Panels etc.
  • Matter relating to Ex-India Leave, Journey during Leave.
  • RTI Matters/ Appeal, Parliament Question, VIP Reference.