Hindi Section

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  • Implementation of Official Language policy, Official Language Act, 1963 and Rules made thereunder, administrative directions in respect of use of Hindi in the Department.
  • Departmental Official Language Implementation Committee, Hindi Advisory Committee, Central Official Language Implementation Committee, Central Hindi Committee and matters related to other bodies in respect of use and propagation of Hindi, organizing Hindi workshops and matters related to inspection of Department of Expenditure by the Committee of Parliament on Official Language and action taken on suggestions of/ assurances to the Committee.
  • Matters related to various Hindi trainings such as Hindi Language, Hindi Typing/Hindi Stenography training.
  • Matters related to attached/subordinate offices of the Department regarding progressive use of Hindi.
  • Any matter related to coordination of Hindi in the various Divisions of the Department including letters received from Members of Parliament and Parliament Questions.
  • Quarterly Progress Reports and Annual Assessment Report in respect of use of Hindi.
  • Implementation of various incentive schemes to promote use of Hindi.
  • Organizing various competitions on the occasion of Hindi Day/Fortnight and distribution of awards.
  • To reply letters received from applicants under RTI Act, 2005.
  • Nomination of officers/employees for Hindi conferences/workshops organised by Non Government Organisations/Institutions.
  • Translation from English to Hindi and vice versa.
  • To monitor progress in achieving targets fixed in Annual Programme issued by the Department of Official Language