Establishment II A

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  • Administration of Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1978.
  • Administration of General Financial Rules, 2017 except : xi) Budget formulation and implementation xii) Govt. Accounts xiii) Works, Budgeting and Accounting for Externally Aided Projects xiv) Government Guarantees xv) Establishment Rules xvi) Refund of revenue xvii) Debt and miscellaneous obligations of Govt. Charitable endowments and other trusts, Local Bodies xviii) Destruction of records connected with Accounts xix) Policies and matters relating to public procurement including administration of GFR on procurement of goods and services and contract management. xx) All related matter on Public Procurement (These would be dealt by the concerned nodal/administrative Ministries/Department/Organizations )
  • Proposals requiring approval of Cabinet Committee on Security w.r.t. all Ministries / Department except MHA.
  • Proposals relating to policies concerning Defence Procurements.
  • Proposal pertaining to Department of Space, Department of Atomic Energy and NTRO.
  • Staff Cars Rules.
  • Laptop cases.
  • Proposals requiring approval of Committee on Establishment Expenditure (CEE) meetings.
  • Rules on Advances to Government Servants except HBA.
  • Proposals from Ministry of Defence for sanction of schemes/ projects/ acquisitions of non scaled and new items requiring FM’s/ Cabinet approval.
  • M/o Urban Development proposals for land rates, transfer of land etc.
  • Re-appropriation of funds for augmentation of Establishment related items of expenditure.
  • Parliament Questions / RTI Matters relating to above subjects.